We provide stable server operations

We configure and support your servers, including web, backend, databases and telephony.

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// Our clients:

  • TV channels
  • News blogs
  • Online stores
  • Startups
  • Mobile game developers
  • Digital agencies

You have a complicated and major server?
We will take care of its maintenance and servicing;
we give guarantees.

There are no project managers in Southbridge. You communicate directly with a permanent team of 3 administrators.

There is always an administrator

  1. who knows you,
  2. can see what your business targets are,
  3. thoroughly studies your servers
  4. is personally responsible for the result and
  5. financially interested in the performance of the contract, where the quality parameters are prescribed.

When to contact us


  1. You need a team that can lead a project and ensure transparency of processes.
  2. You want a CI/CD process, but you have no administrators in your company with appropriate skills and experience.
  3. Your set of technologies is outdated, and you want to use modern software tools that will help to achieve your business targets quickly and painlessly.


  1. Your web-site is designed well, but it is slow, because the server is not configured properly.
  2. Your project workload has increased, and you aren’t able to administer it effectively.
  3. You have just signed a complex major contract, and you need a reliable team to outsource admistration services to.


  1. The website through which you get customers is crashing and slowing down.
  2. You need to establish a local and remote backup system, and ensure effective backup performance.
  3. You don’t want to hire an administrator.
  4. Except the administrator, no one else knows how the server is configured and running. You've come to
    depend on the employee.
  5. The administrator is leaving, but you have no time to search for a new employee and to transfer duties to them.
  6. You are suspecting that your service provider is overcharging you, for the prices have become unreasonable.

Southbridge provides effective solutions to these problems

  • 1300At present, we provide support for 1.300 physical and virtual servers with daily traffic of 100 mln. Our client list includes REN TV, 1HDTV, and Telesputnik. Among others are web projects like Lifehacker.ru, Spbguru.ru, Awd.ru and Event.ru, Azbuka Vkusasupermarket chain, and EKSMO publishing house.

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  • 10To our credit, we have 10 solid years of experience and well-oiled collaboration with all the major hosting providers. We fix your server problems at a very reasonable price.

In our operations, we use:

DevOps, Ansible, Gitlab, Jenkins, Docker, OpenVZ, KVM, Zabbix, Bacula, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Sidekiq, Cassandra, Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, Bash. We provide Linux server administration and support.

By the way - about the prices

One-time service

Would be suitable for a one-time issue, and for a closer acquaintance with us and our services before signing a long-term contract.

Not sure? Try us now

$60within 1 hour

Initial setup

Includes your business requirements writing, architecture development, configuration of the operating system and software, search and eliminating of vulnerabilities, testing and clean migration and transferring the server to Southbridge support.

$400for a server

Server support

* volume discount for 5 servers and more

Includes writhing business requirements, architectural design, primary configuration, clean migration, server maintenance and 100GB remote backup storage.

Additional work ($60/hour)

  1. Scripting (bash / php / perl / python).
  2. Complex architectures development.
  3. Complex telephony customization.
  4. Load testing.
  5. Documentation development.
  6. Tasks performing (code porting and adapting, archives deploying, etc.)

$200per server

Premium service

volume discount for 5 servers and more
Additional services. One of our administrators becomes an account manager who communicates with a client by phone and/or Telegram, reports in and makes schedules. For this, we allocate 500 GB of remote backups.

$1,000per month
+$200 per server

One-time setup

Includes your business requirements writing, architecture development, OS and software configuration, searching and eliminating of vulnerabilities, testing and clean migration and transferring of the server to your administrators support.

$900for a server

How we solve your problems

We will write your business requirements

We will clarify your tasks, identify current problems and future plans.

Project architecture

Based on the requirements, we will select servers, decreasing or increasing their number, we then plan their deployment, fault tolerance, data capacity, etc.

Primary setting

We configure new servers, launch virtualization, divide project components into virtual/physical servers, structure the data, clean up, fine-tune and optimize each component.

Clean migration

After checking the new architecture, we will transfer the data to new capacities and direct traffic to them.
If you are using your old server, we will perform reverse migration of the configured virtualization. Proxying will reduce the downtime to just a few minutes.

Subscriber maintenance

After migration, we will setup proactive monitoring and organize a local and remote backup system. We will address incoming challenges: installing and configuring software, opening access, optimizing configuration to handle high loads.

Discuss a task

Before starting work, we will discuss your tasks, current problems and will propose an optimal solution.

Contact email: ask@southbridge.io

Thank you

We'll get back to you.

We guarantee safety and reliability

I’m afraid to give your administrator access to sensitive information

Every Southbridge employee signs the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that imposes a heavy penalty for disclosure of sensitive information, whether it is server settings or data stored on it. Violations never happened.

We necessarily sign NDA

I’m afraid of being hacked through you

We connect to the servers through additional protection algorithms, including one-time passwords (OTP, 2FA), add bruteforce checks, close all with firewalls that are not necessary for work.

I’m afraid that an emergency will happen at night, and your administrator will postpone the problem until the morning

If the on-duty brigade can not repair a malfunction, it will raise an administrator by the call from your team. We will fix the problem, even if the emergency happens on New Year’s Eve.

There is such a mess on my server. I’m afraid that you will not understand

We take servers in any condition. At the initial setup, we put things right: we structure and optimize projects, delete rootkits, remove duck tapes.

I’m afraid that after you no one will be able to deal with my servers

A high production culture has been introduced in Southbridge. We aspire to unification and standardization. We support a clear structure. We document non-standard solutions.

I am afraid of losses if you do not cope with my tasks

We sign the agreement on service level agreement (SLA). It regulates the maximum downtime time, processing speed of applications and material compensation in case of violation.

I have doubts about the competence of your specialists

We have a large portfolio: 10 + successful CI/CD system integrations, support for 600+ dedicated servers and 30 + Kubernetes servers. We support servers, which are visited by 2+ million users every day, and generate 16+ Gb/s traffic. We were handed over to support the servers of Alfa-Bank, REN-TV, Gold585, Azbuka Vkusa. We will definitely cope with your servers.

Support for 600+ dedicated

How will you ensure an uptime of 99.95%?

With the help of DevOps-tools Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes and aligning CI/CD-processes.

I’m afraid my project will not have enough attention

We unify and replicate solutions. We set up proactive monitoring of hardware for each client. We introduce the new technology to everyone. 164 clients gave us one server for support, and no one complains about the lack of attention.

I’m afraid that you will formally provide support, but my problem will not be solved

First, we define your business target. We try to see the problem. For example, you’ve made a discount mail-cast, but then you get an avalanche of guests, and your online store is slowing down. No selling, only complains piling up? Or maybe the developers release each new web-site version manually, but you want to automate the process? Or your telephony can not cope with a briefing in which 200 people from 10 countries participate. Here, we offer you a solution.

Why Choose Us

Simple payment calculations.

A uniform rate and post-payment. No hiden payments and no overcharges.

Unlimited services.

Our customer support is available 24/7 and we do handle all kinds of tasks.

Transparent work.

In the issues system, you’ll be able to see all requests, system crashes, operations monitoring, and communicatios between the engineers.

Direct contact.

You can communicate with a project manager directly, including via Telegram-chat.

Fast docflow.

We respond promptly to requests from your accounting and financial department.


*Up till 2017, Southbridge was known as Centos-admin.ru

Ivan Karpov

IT director


M-Technology develops, deploys and supports ERP platform for Direct Mail Order businesses in Southeast Asia.

We’ve been cooperating with Centos-admin.ru* on Linux server support and administration since mid-2015.

The quality/price ratio of the services provided, and prompt response to customer requests (even outside of working hours) are worth mentioning.

In addition, Centos-Admin offers initiative proposals on how to improve and optimize our services.

Vasily Latyshev

Development and Product Manager


Online store Book24.ru is powered by 1C-Bitrix. The lags inherent in this CMS when it’s subjected to high loads are well known.

Together with the guys from Centos-admin.ru*, we have created an optimal architecture giving our web-site a high-speed performance. The Centos-admin team responds quickly to emergency situations, they are always available, and are ready to help with any problem. Many thanks to them!

Vladimir Kamensky

Head of IT Department


We’ve been working with Centos-admin.ru* for more than 4 years.
Currently, they support 7 servers for us.

I can only say that they are a close-knit team of like-minded professionals. They monitor our servers round the clock and quickly respond to any problems at an early stage.

The team maintains well-oiled communication with their clients. They are always ready to respond and advise on any issue.

Ivan Elizarov


Pichesky digital agency

I’ve been cooperating with the Centos-admin.ru team* for 8 good years now. From year to year, there has been constant progress on improvement of business processes.

It’s great to see that over the years, the team has increased both its numbers and the range of tasks performed significantly. From the very start, I’ve been very satisfied with the level of expertise. Till today, I’ve never thought of changing partners that would administer our projects. Thank you, guys, for your competent work!

Since recently, we ask our customers to leave feedback
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Discuss a task

Before starting work, we will discuss your tasks, current problems and will propose an optimal solution.

Contact email: ask@southbridge.io

Thank you

We'll get back to you.